How about a spinal screen?

What is a spinal screen?

A spinal screen at Crestacre is a 15 minute for you to tell your chiropractor a little about your complaint. He/she will then take a quick look to assess whether or not Chiropractic care is appropriate for you.

Spinal screens may include a posture analysis, assessment of restricted areas of the spine and one or two tests of the area in question.

What a spinal screen is not…

In order to make a diagnosis and start treating your complaint, a Chiropractor needs more than 15 minutes. A full Chiropractic consultation is approximately 1 hour long. This includes a thorough history of your complaint and medical history, a neurological screen and a focussed examination of the area of complaint. If the clinical tests point to a diagnosis that is likely to respond to Chiropractic care, then you would usually receive some treatment as well (provided your complaint is not complicated and has required the full hour for testing).

Therefore, at a spinal screen the chiropractor will be unable to officially diagnose your complaint (as there will not have been a sufficient examination to do so). We will also be unable to give you any treatment (because no diagnosis has been made).

What we can do

Some people are not sure if a chiropractor is the professional that they need to see. Maybe you have been recommended by a friend who sees a chiropractor. Maybe you have done a bit of online research and think that is the way to go. Do you have a friend that tells you “it sounds like you’ve got what I had”? Everyone is different though, and some conditions will present very similarly to others. It’s best to see a professional just to be sure and give you some peace of mind.

Book your Spinal Screen at Crestacre Chiropractic Clinic

If you’ve been wondering if a Chiropractor can help, and would like to talk and have them take a quick look, then you can book a spinal screen for just £10. This will hopefully give you some assurance and confidence that you have come to the right place. If it does look like we might be able to help, we will still need a full consultation to thoroughly assess and make a diagnosis. When you book your consultation we will deduct the cost of your spinal screen from the cost of the consultation.

How does that sound?