Here you’ll find our latest videos with our top tips, stretches & exercises

Stretches for the Glutes & Piriformis

In this video our chiropractor Genevieve demonstrates her top stretches for the Glutes and piriformis muscles. Try them if you are suffering from pain in the buttocks region or sciatica-like pain

Neck stretch

In this video our chiropractor Genevieve demonstrates a really great stretch for the neck muscles. Try this out if you’ve been getting headaches or just feeling general tension around the neck

3 Core exercises you should stop doing

In this video our Chiropractor Genevieve talks about 3 core exercises you should NOT do if you suffer with low back pain and demonstrates 3 core exercises to try instead.

Your posture is causing your neck pain & headaches…but why?

In this 10 minute video our chiropractor explains why having poor posture will cause you to have neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches and even pins and needles. Genevieve demonstrates 3 stretches and 3 exercises that she recommends for improving posture. If you would like to skip to the stretches, scroll to 05.40.

Are you suffering with sciatica?

In this video our chiropractor Genevieve demonstrates a few exercises that you can try if you are suffering with sciatica. If you are not sure if your symptoms are truly sciatica then check out the blog post “Sciatica, is it really?”

Should I apply Heat or Cold?

In This video our chiropractor Genevieve gives her advice for when to use a heat compress and when to use a cold compress