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Back pain
Get rid of back pain for good!

Low back pain is extremely common worldwide and affects people of all ages, from children to the elderly. It is a very frequent reason for trips to the GP. Lower back pain is currently ranked among the top 10 diseases & injuries that account for the highest number of years lost due to ill health and is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence. Lower back pain can be acute or chronic and range in severity from a persistent irritating back ache to severe pain that is debilitating and affecting quality of life.

There are many factors that can cause low back pain. Occupational posture, poor daily movement patterns of bending and lifting, and age related low back pain such as arthritis are all common causes of lower back pain. Back problems can sometimes refer pain into the hips, buttocks or legs and can sometimes be mistaken for sciatica.

Currently, a lot of people are trying to treat their pain with analgesics, but that does not address the problem; at best, it will cover up the pain and allow you to continue doing the activities that lead to your back pain in the first place.

There are many causes of back pain and we need to obtain a proper understanding of what is causing it. At Crestacre clinic, we are committed to finding the cause of your back pain, and helping you to get rid of it once and for all with combined therapies of manipulation, soft tissue techniques and a rehabilitation programme specifically tailored to your needs.

At your initial consultation we will take a thorough history, perform a chiropractic orthopaedic, neurological and postural examination, give you an explanation and may even start treating you. You should expect your initial consultation to take approximately 1 hour.

Neck Pain and Arm Pain

Trapped nerve in the neck?...Pins and Needles?

Neck pain commonly occurs due to poor posture or stress, whiplash injuries, arthritic changes of the neck and muscular strains.

Neck pain may also spread into the arm or shoulders. This can be caused by muscles of the neck referring pain into the arm or irritation of nerve roots as they leave the spine. You may also experience pins and needles or numbness in the arms and hands.

Arm Pain

Arm pain is commonly referred from the neck put can also be caused by the muscles of the arm which when overworked, become tight and painful. You may experience pain in the elbow which may or may not spread into the forearm or wrist. Nerves can be irritated at multiple sites along the arm as well, including the elbow and the carpal tunnel, causing pins and needles, pain or numbness.

There are many possible causes of neck pain, may have arisen from a neck trauma. We will take a thorough history of your complaint and full chiropractic orthopaedic and neurological examination to obtain the necessary information to treat your complaint. An initial consultation takes approximately 1 hour.


Bad posture can cause headaches?

Yes it can! Do you have neck pain and stiffness that is accompanied by a headache?

Cervicogenic headaches are very common. They are caused by structures of the neck and shoulders which radiate into the head. A cervicogenic headache is usually mild-moderate in intensity and may be aggravated by certain neck movements or sustained postures putting pressure on the cervical spine. They are commonly unresponsive to painkillers and the cause may not show up on diagnostic imaging such as x-rays or MRIs as usually there isn’t any structural damage to the tissues.

There is evidence to show that chiropractic care consisting of manual therapies, dry-needling and postural advice can help with headaches that arise from dysfunction of the cervical spine.


Migraine headaches can be severe and very stressing and last for several days. There are multiple causes of migraines and symptoms can include moderate-severe headache which is one-sided and usually pulsating in nature, and may be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, flashing lights, photophobia and phonophobia. Chiropractic therapy has been shown to have a lot of success in treating some forms of migraine using a combined package of care of manipulation and soft tissue techniques.

There are many causes of headaches and we need to obtain a proper understanding of your headache and whether it is likely to respond to chiropractic care. We will take a thorough history and perform a full chiropractic orthopaedic, neurological and postural examination. You should expect your first visit to take approximately 1 hour.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can arise from injury to the muscles, tendons and ligaments surrounding the shoulder joint complex or from the joints themselves. You may find that range of motion of the shoulder is limited or that pain arises during certain movements. This may be down to impingement syndrome or even adhesive capsulitis (Frozen shoulder) which is caused by inflammation in the shoulder leading to pain and severe restriction of movement long term. Shoulder pain may also be arising from the neck, as the neck and shoulder girdle are closely related and structures attaching between them may refer to either the neck or the shoulder or both.

Tendonitis with or without calcification is common in the rotator cuff. Please see our shockwave therapy.

Chiropractors treat shoulder pain with a combined approach of manipulation, soft tissue techniques and rehabilitation. Here at Crestacre we also offer shockwave therapy where appropriate.

Please expect your first visit to take approximately 1 hour. We will take a thorough history of your complaint and perform a chiropractic orthopaedic, neurological and postural examination to diagnose your complaint. You may also receive your first treatment if appropriate.

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is commonly caused by the repetitive action of the wrist which leads to straining of the muscles and tendons at the elbow. Pain is usually felt in the outside aspect of the elbow and aggravated by repetitive activity. Tendons are poor healers as they do not have a great blood supply, so an initial injury to the tendon can become chronic as repetitive activities continue to overload the tendon and delay the healing process. Tennis elbow does not have to be a sports related injury. Any activity that overloads the extensors of the wrist can lead to this complaint.

Golfers elbow is a similar complaint but affects the inside aspect of the elbow and is caused by overloading the wrist flexors and pronators.

Chiropractors will use a combined approach of manual therapy and soft tissue techniques including dry-needling and/or shockwave therapy to kick-start a healing response at the site of injury. Treatment of tennis/golfers elbow will also include a tailored rehabilitation program as the tendon requires appropriate loading to aid the healing process.

Please allow approximately 1 hour for your initial consultation. During this time we will take a thorough history of your complaint and perform a thorough and focussed examination of the area. You may receive your first treatment if appropriate.

Plantar Fasciitis

Feel like your stepping on pins?

Ankle and foot pain may result from a direct injury to the ligaments and muscles or may be a result of sciatic nerve irritation.

Having flat/collapsed arches is common. This will affect the biomechanics of the foot and can lead to extra stresses and strains on the foot and ankle structures. One of the more commonly strained structures is the plantar fascia, which can become inflamed and cause discomfort when walking. It is advised to have a gait scan to assess how your foot is functioning during walking. Our gait scanner can detect problems in your gait mechanics that are invisible to the naked eye. Please see “Gait scanning” in “our services”.

Chiropractors treat foot and ankle pain with a combination of manual therapies and rehabilitation. Shockwave therapy is effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Please see shockwave section.

Arthritic pain

Pain relief and improved mobility for arthritis

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. However, this is a term commonly used by many professionals to describe wear and tear on the joints and discs which we all, given enough time, will get.

Chiropractors cannot cure arthritis as we cannot restore the bones to what they once were, however by treating the joints and surrounding tissues, patients can benefit from improved mobility and pain relief.

Although chiropractors are known for predominantly treating the spine, they are trained in the assessment and treatment of all joints in the body.

Your first visit will take approximately 1 hour. During this time we will take a full history of your complaint and perform a thorough and focussed examination of the area. You may receive your first treatment if appropriate.

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