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Chiropractic care is suitable for people of all ages and is an effective holistic approach to treating musculoskeletal dysfunction, whether it is back pain, headaches, shoulder impingement, tennis elbow or plantar fasciitis.

Here at Crestacre we use a diverse range of techniques to treat a wide range of conditions. These treatments include manipulation of the spine and extremities where appropriate, soft tissue techniques including Trigger point therapy, Dry-needling, massage and shockwave therapy. We combine these treatments with a rehabilitation program specifically tailored to your needs.

Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy is high intensity acoustic energy that is transmitted into musculoskeletal tissues to promote regeneration and healing processes. Acoustic waves interact with tissues, accelerating tissue repair and cell growth. This can have analgesic effects and restore mobility.

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical treatment for chronic or acute musculoskeletal problems and persistent pain. It is a highly effective, non-invasive treatment option for:

Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging

(for musculoskeletal complaints of the upper and lower limbs only) -Not currently accepting external referrals

Ultrasound is a completely safe and non-invasive imaging modality with no side-effects. It allows for a dynamic, real-time assessment and interrogation of the area of interest. Ultrasound may also be used to monitor the progress and effectiveness of treatment as it does not use ionising radiation and can be performed multiple times.

Ultrasound can be used to help diagnose:

Gait Scanning

Suffering from chronic low back pain?…always have really tight hips?…or do you have excessive movement in your knees? The answer could be right under your feet. Think of your feet as the foundation of a house. They support the weight of everything above them and when a small problem develops, the subtle changes in the way you walk will cause a chain reaction of adjustments in your walking/running biomechanics and posture. These changes will put stress on your other joints and can lead to knee pain, hip pain and even back pain. Our gait scanner will detect even the most subtle abnormalities in stance and gait which are not noticeable to the naked eye. Our orthotics are custom made to suit your needs based on a report from your scan. The orthotic shell comes with a lifetime guarantee to assure you of their quality. We have a variety of styles from sports to every day orthotics to suit your needs.

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