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Could the cause of your back pain be right under your feet?

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It actually makes alot of sense that your feet are causing your back pain. Those ground reaction forces hit your feet first and that energy must go somewhere ( remember trying to stay awake in those high school physics lessons? Energy has to go somewhere). Foot dysfunction can travel up the kinematic chain and cause knee pain, hip pain and back pain. Book your gait scan today to see how your feet are affecting your knees, hips and back.

Does that pesky pain keep coming back?

Does your back pain just keep coming back? Perhaps you’ve seen chiropractors, osteopaths or physiotherapists but it never went away 100%…that’s because there isnt much point focussing on your back if the problem is coming up from your feet. Are you just going to put a bucket under a leak? Or fix the leak?

Gait scanning at Crestacre

Our gait scanner can detect abnormalities that are invisible to the naked eye and will show you a dynamic scan of your feet as they move through the gait cycle. It can also help predict if you are at high risk of falls by posture analysis and static balance testing, this is particularly important for elderly individuals as the risks of falling and severity of injury caused by falls increases with age.

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Get yourself booked in for a free gait scan this February and see how your feet are affecting your knees, hips and back. What do you have to lose? It’s a FREE scan!

Travel further and longer with healthier feet ??

This is a February offer which expires on 1st March 2020