Crestacre Chiropractic Clinic Lichfield

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Crestacre Chiropractic Clinic is located in Walsall Wood, just on the outskirts of Lichfield and offers a diverse range of treatments to help you become pain free and stay that way.

We have two highly qualified chiropractors, Genevieve & Reuben who will tailor a programme to suit your needs.

Our Services

Chiropractic treatments from one of our highly qualified and dedicated chiropractors

Gait scanning and custom orthotics prescription if needed – We use the highest quality orthotics that will go the distance. They are strong enough for long-lasting support and flexible enough for comfort.

shockwave therapy– High intensity ultrasound therapy has been proven to be a very effective treatment for several complaints including tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and tendon injuries such as rotator cuff sprains and calcific tendinitis

Acupuncture– We combine acupuncture with several other techniques for effective results. However, if you know that you only want to receive acupuncture then we offer this as a stand alone service as well.

Tailor made rehab programmes – We don’t use a one size fits all approach. Your chiropractor will design you a rehab programme that is specific to your needs. Everyone is different and will require a different exercise programme to suit their needs

You can find us on Barracks Lane in Walsall wood and can reach us on 01543 370 500.

Call us today to book your consultation and you can be on your way to becoming pain free straight away.

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